01 de juliol, 2005

eLearning Awards 2005

The eLearning Awards are awarded for the fifth time in 2005. The eLearning Awards aim at identifying and awarding excellent practice in using ICT for learning.
The eLearning Awards correspond to the main focuses of European and national efforts in education. They highlight common European cultural values by investing in human capacities and teachers' professionalism.
The eLearning Awards support teaching and learning at European schools by awarding excellent resources, effective services, working ideas and imaginative solutions.
Awards are given to ongoing or recently finalised educational projects and activities. The idea is not to do something for the eLearning Awards but to submit what you do to the awards.
The eLearning Awards target schools at different levels, teacher training centers, and also cater to the needs of different types of learners.
Submissions to the eLearning Awards are made through the website. The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2005.